Welcome to 101ChristianMusic! What The Bible Says About Music

Welcome to 101ChristianMusic!

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What The Bible Says About Music

Unknown to many quite a bit is talked about in The Bible regarding music...

Music - God's Gift!

Sound and music are one of God's most amazing inventions! Music has the power to affect us in both good and bad ways, but music inspired by God can heal, inspire, minister, educate and motivate.

Christian Music History

What's the roots and history of Christian music? How did we get to the kind of Christian music we have today and what is 'Christian' music anyway? Read our articles on the roots of early to contemporary Christian music.

Christian Music Artists

Here you can see our extensive list of Christian artists and musicians from early to modern. Who's who in popular old and modern Christian music - an A-Z guide of Christian musicians and music artists!

Listen To Christian Music

See our links to the best Christian music, inspirational songs, lyrics and melodies. From classic hymns like onward Christian soldiers, masterpieces like Amazing Grace - to up-to-date Christian classics.

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