What is 101ChristianMusic Site all About?

Being a musician, or someone that plays music and a Christian, for many years I have pondered what the purpose of music is and should be in the life of a Christian. Having dabled in many styles of music and seeing how in some way virtually all music, like genes have been crossed at some point, what would music sound like if God has his way?… and what will music sound like in heaven!?

This site hopes to explore this musical journey and uncover some of the ‘answers’ if there are any to these questions. I believe there are biblical examples and therefore guidelines of what music is for, should sound like and seek to accomplish and you may or may not agree with me.

But rest assured, as having once been a heavy rock guitarist, and into the whole ‘rock’ music and many other genres I have had a long time to question my own motives, and do a lot of soul searching as to why some types of musical sounds, notes and patterns have certain and vastly different effects not only on my mood but my spiritual walk. I hope you find this site, if not necessarily correct in all it’s ideas and interpretations, but useful in helping you find out the meaning and purpose of music through God’s eyes.

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